Long weekend at the beginning of May

I’ve been writing post-dated entry whether that’s in my diary or on my blog where people can read whenever they want to, I very rarely writing the things that is currently happening in my life, I fully immersed myself in every moment, just dive in without thinking and reflect afterwards.

I went to Port Dickson at the beginning of May, during the very busy and crowded labor day and Hari Raya long weekend. I am happy that even though it was crowded almost everywhere, I still get to enjoy a quiet holiday in the 9th-floor apartment, looking over the sea, watching planes going and coming, rising and landing, heading towards everywhere in the world carrying people and wishes (the place was very near the international airport) probably the most planes I’ve seen in a day.

Besides Port Dickson, I have also gone to Melaka but that were… not many things to tell except that was really really crowded and had long lines outside of every diner.

Water under the bridge

Going days by another calendar over the past few years, the month of June every year has become the month of saying goodbye and parting way, this year has no different. After two years of all the restrictions and rules, we are finally getting some sort of pre-pandemic life back and we can finally bid our farewell in a way that we used to have before.

It was a whirlwind last few weeks and I am glad it’s finally over. Now it’s the quiet time for us to slowly pick up who we are till the next wave comes. A few lessons from the past few weeks:

1. No matter how much preparation and run-through before the actual event is held, there will always be mistakes on the event day, take it easy, don’t stress out, run with it, face it, solve it and always, always allow room for mistakes (this thinking still doesn’t help me with my 150 bpm heartbeat and jelly legs afterward)

2. Always be kind to others (if you can’t, at least try because one day the table will turn and it might be you or someone important around you come and be in this difficult position)

3. To say someone is not doing their job is unfair, a lot is going on behind the scenes with many many unsung heroes behind the scenes, when you see the crooked ship is still sailing, instead of criticizing the crooked ship please know that as long as the crooked ship is still sailing there’s always someone behind the wheel working hard and is trying to make it work. More understanding would be very helpful.

When life gets so busy, you don’t even have time to think, for it to end soon is your only wish and I am glad it finally is. Besides the few things I mentioned above, I also meet a lot of good and thoughtful people, picked up new skills, and get a bit better knowledge of my ability in this work. I am glad.

For those who are leaving or already left, nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy your new journey, wherever that will be.


My birthday celebration for this year starts with a trip and ends with another trip. I am so glad that after so many years, I still able to feel the liberation of being myself and still stay true to myself 98% of the time. I hope this does not change and I wish nothing but good health and good life for myself and everyone around me.

Ps: I received a lot of blessings from everyone around me and gifts and such, I thank every one of you with all my heart, thank you for being the sweetener to my sometimes bitter life.

New Addition to my iPad 8 – Logitech Combo Touch  

I always wanted a keyboard with a trackpad attached to my iPad (it would be even better if the keyboard is backlit), I know the Apple Magic Keyboard might be the best choice but the price makes the product out of my question. Then I came across the Logitech Combo Touch on the internet, the price is half of the Apple Magic Keyboard and it not only has a trackpad, hotkeys, and also a backlit keyboard. My working environment isn’t the best, and I don’t always work in a well-lit room, I have a Logitech K-380 but I can’t type well when the environment I am in is dim-lit.

On day 4 of using the combo touch, my user experience is good. If I were to complain one thing about this keyboard, it will be the not-so-sensitive touchpad, this isn’t highlighted in any reviews video I watched otherwise it is all pleasant. You get what you paid and compared to the price this product is worth every penny.

Now I can’t wait to write more beautiful stories with this keyboard.

This article is typed with the Logitech Combo Touch.

Cheers to new adventures.


There was a huge announcement yesterday from both Malaysia and Singapore governments. Land travel is fully opening up again like it used to be, like it before the pandemic. For the first time in two years, since the beginning of this pandemic. I am going to see some of my friends very soon and finally be able to travel to Singapore too. In the pre-pandemic era, I will take a few trips to Singapore every year, for concerts or exhibitions that I want to see. Also, Justin Bieber is going to hold a concert in Malaysia this upcoming October. I am not going personally, but I am happy for those who will be going and glad that everyone finally got to see their favorite stars and got to enjoy some live music, it has been too long.

Finally, it doesn’t seem so unreachable anymore.

Si Jiu Xiao Zhu

I got a friend who ran a BnB + dining services, she transformed her house into a one-of-a-kind BnB and appointment-based dining service. I got to know her through a camping trip, she is very sweet and she made delicious food to keep us from starving in the wild. She held a small event in her house a few months ago, we went there and met some old friend that we haven’t seen in a while, had a serious conversation about the mirrorless camera and DSLR (mind you, I am switching to taking photos on a mirrorless camera and phone anyway), pet some cute and kind animals, had good food, and spent a nice afternoon chilling and drinking lemonade.

I was going to go to meet with my friend one last time before he left for Singapore (god know there’ll have a day when going to Singapore feels like going to somewhere very far away), but he was unfortunately tested positive for the virus and now he has to replan his whole schedule, I felt sad and helpless for him, I hope he feels better soon and everything he plans for himself and his future can all go as plan.

Aquarium saturday

Happy Lunar New Year.

The above pictures were taken in the local aquarium, it has been open for 3 years before we pay our first visit. It was small but it’s good to have a look at our ocean friends when we can’t or don’t have time to go snorkeling yet.

Work got so busy, it took away all my energy for blogging. Is this how things will eventually become to? I started off pretty swift, got a lot of free time on my hand, and don’t really need to do overtime and deals with stuff that has nothing to do with me but suddenly I am doing all of the pre-mention and I am involved with everything. I am not the those who wanted to go back to the old-time (in fact I wish the time machine will never really got invented) but one of the very few little things I missed about being a student was I got a handful of times on my hand besides school and when I was a student I blogged almost every day usually nothing major, just me talking about a cute guy I had a crush with at that time (just joking) How are you all doing my blogger friends?

Recently I talked to my ex-boss via Instagram, he has moved back to the states before the pandemic and is a full-time artist now. We usually talked about the art we like and the artist we admired when we were working together. It is hard to nurture your hobby/ interest while having a full-time job where you dedicate 3/4 of your energy to if not the whole of the energy but we gotta pay rent and upkeep the lifestyle we have, no one can have the best of it both worlds I know that pretty well. I’m just really happy that my friend is doing well.

New Year 2022

Happy New Year from Malaysia. My family and I got back home from last night’s countdown party. That was fun and I enjoyed it. People made things worse sometimes but overall that is also people who made things interesting.

Did I mention here that I got a pretty much last-minute promotion at work? It was back at the end of January when we are going through another lockdown in the country. The new job was very challenging at first and still challenging but some people around me made things easier and I will be forever grateful for the support they have given to me. Don’t worry, I have personally sent a thank you message or has expressed my gratitude to them face to face in real life.

Realistically speaking, I did also feel somehow anxious heading into this year, I know there will be more challenges to come, more tears to shed, and also more good laughs, moments to remember. I started to understand why some people don’t celebrate things like birthdays or new year, etc… I think that by treating any special day like a normal day, you are telling your brain that every day is just a day, a phase that will pass eventually so that when a bad day happens your brain will automatically tell you that it is just a normal day, a phase that will pass and don’t hung up about it so it will get easier and you will not get too affected by it. Is what I am saying make sense to you? I hope it does.

Wish nothing but good health, life, safety, and wealth to myself and everyone around me. To whoever are reading this post, happy new year to you too! No matter where you are.

Exhibition “19” by Aereniel

My friend had an exhibition at the beginning of this month at a newly open gallery in town. This exhibition has long ended the time I was writing this (I am writing this two days before the Christmas) It is a backdated log I know, still I want to write something for this.

On my way to this exhibition I was harassed by a weird old lady, thank goodness I was in the car but unfortunately I was alone in the car so that made me an easy target. We met eyes unfortunately and she approached, I wouldn’t put down my window but I was already parked in a perfect spot I wouldn’t want to leave either but then I figured the only way to shoo her away was to leave, I made a grave facial expression and starting to want to move, it was then she left. I continued waited in my car until my friend arrived.

She bought a camera from me and god would I know this occasion will later flourish to a friendship. I still felt sorry for the photoshoot that didn’t materialised, I knew that I bit more than I can chew.

KTO Gogossing FIT Seminar by KTO Malaysia

I went to this event a few weeks ago along with my sisters. This was supposed to happen last year in September but it got pushed back indefinitely because of the locked down the government implemented at that time. Just about when we all forgot about this event, we received an email again and we happily went this time.

I won a quiz and very luckily got picked in the lucky draw event, never have I ever even for the slightest possibly will be me, I guess I was just really in luck that day. My sister was also one of the lucky draw winners and she got a very delicate, customized music box from Korea with the iconic bus stop that BTS did an album cover shoot with painted on, a lucky charm bluebird, and the music is my all-time favorite song of BTS – spring day. We’ve also got goodie bags with promotional brochures and some very cute goods.

What also happened on that day was, I broke my favorite phone case but then I found the same pattern of the phone case and got 2 of them in different colors to replace the broken one.

Just when we thought we could happily go travel again a new variant rise up from the horizons. I believe we’ll deal with it better this time, we need to.